Amazon Seller Account Suspended?

How to Appeal Your Amazon Seller Account Suspension

Amazon Account SuspendedHaving your Amazon account suspended just plain sucks. Before you write your Amazon appeal letter, there are few things you need to understand about your suspended Amazon account. We know that this can be very frustrating and you’re probably extremely angry, but approaching Amazon with a cool head is the best strategy.  We will work with you to show you how to get your seller account back! We have worked 100’s of 5-star sellers on Amazon that have been in the same situation as you! So we are ready…

Amazon is mainly looking for you to admit fault for the policy violations that affected your account, then construct a well-detailed plan of action.  If this is not done correctly, then you have no chance of getting your account back. Trust us…it has taken us a long time to put together the best response and service to get Amazon Seller accounts back from suspension.

If you are interested in professionally appealing your Amazon account suspension, then we need you to do a few things first before we begin.  We will need all the emails that Amazon has sent to you since the first time you noticed your selling privileges have been removed.  Also, we want to see a written response in your own words touching on each policy violation that Amazon has cited. (Don’t spend too long on this. Write what comes to your head.)  This will be the beginning of our draft.  If you have responded to Amazon’s emails, then we will need to see those responses to construct a better appeals letter.

We know how much your Seller account means to you and your online business. We must act fast and be diligent in our efforts.

UPDATE: Due to the high volume of clients we are currently receiving, we have decided to allow suspended Amazon sellers to access our Amazon Appeals Letter Guide & Template. This is a $397.00 value for just $47.00Until October 1st, 2016. If are desperate to get your account reinstated through the Amazon appeals process, then get to work on the guide & template we provide below. 

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Contact us immediately to get the process started.  We are only taking on clients who meet a special criteria and the cost is $150/hour through Skype & Email consultation.  A special bonus will be available to those who buy the guide and consultation services together.

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